The Name Game

Have you heard about our "Name Game"? At the beginning of each week, three new names are posted on this page, (one name each for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). If the person named comes to our store during the two days shown for their name, they'll walk away with FREE FLOWERS FROM SCOTT'S! It's that simple. Besides the names being posted on this page, they're also shown on our sign out front, our Facebook page, and mentioned weekday mornings on KLAW 101 FM.

How do we get the names? From you, that's how. Send us an email, include your name, address, and phone number - and recommend a name. We'll consider your suggestion. Watch this page, and sooner or later, the name may appear.

CLICK HERE to submit a name for our "Name Game." Please include your name, address, and phone number.

Names for this week are ...

Monday / Tuesday
Dec. 02 - Dec. 03   "Lanetta"

Wednesday / Thursday 
Dec.  04 - Dec.  05   "Geanna "

Friday / Saturday 
Dec.  06 - Dec.  07   "Greg "

Monday / Tuesday
Dec.  9 - Dec.  10  " Christina "
Wednesday / Thursday
Dec.  11 - Dec.  12   " Meagan "

Friday / Saturday 
Dec.  13 -  Dec. 14   " Mike "
Monday / Tuesday
Dec.  16 - Dec.  17   " Shaleah "
Wednesday / Thursday
Dec.  18 -  Dec.  19   " Catherine "

Friday / Saturday 
Dec.  20 - Dec.  21   " Eva "

Monday / Wednesday
Dec.  23 - Jan.  1   "NO NAME HAPPY HOLIDAYS "
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